"I really do think you made a huge difference in the day. There was a lot of peace of mind that came from not having to fuss over details!"


"After a wedding last weekend Paul and I were remembering again how thankful we were to have you to ask for anything and everything during our wedding. You truly removed all the possible stresses from our day! I was so happy to have booked Nancy to coordinate our wedding day. Despite months of planning, there were so many details that emerged the week of the wedding that we had not anticipated or did not have a free moment to address. Nancy calmly and tirelessly handled everything from flower orders gone awry to making sure our car was packed and ready by the end of the reception. I have been a part of many weddings where the bridal party, family, or even the bride and groom are encumbered by day-of tasks and errands. Her efforts made it possible for every guest to simply celebrate the day, which is exactly what we hoped for our wedding!"


~Paige S.

"My daughter and I chose to handle all of the wedding plans in the nine months leading up to the big event. However, we recognized that by the day of the rehearsal, we both wanted all our plans to take us into automatic pilot and not have any distractions keep us from savoring every moment. We had heard that there will always be an assortment of last-minute details to handle and unexpected problems to solve, so we engaged Nancy Harvey's wedding planning services and were not disappointed. In fact, I would say that Nancy was fabulous and outstanding in ensuring that our plans were executed to our wishes and seemingly inexhaustible in providing overall coordination. She was totally flexible in both anticipating and in handling all the last-minute activities and issues that arose. Afterward, my husband, daughter and I shared a collective sigh of relief that we had Nancy "managing" the wedding. In fact, we all agreed that we could have gone crazy without her. Don't ever let anyone kid you into thinking that you are so good at event planning that you can run an entire wedding yourself. I have successfully put on numerous fund-raising banquets for non-profits, but I will tell you that a wedding is a separate and most challenging animal. Nancy was worth her weight in gold!"


~Rosemary H.

"I am not the type of person who had her wedding planned out in 5th grade. When I got engaged I had a 1,000 ideas on how to make my day unique, original, and artsy. That's when the overwhelming sinking feeling set in. In a world of budgets, caterers, florists, themes and countless Internet websites, planning a wedding was a daunting task. As the months ticked by my list grew longer and it was clear I needed help. Just when I thought my head was going to explode, the Universe introduced me to Nancy. I met her by chance and we began talking about weddings. I found myself so comfortable around her that I was telling a total stranger how stressed out I was! By the end of the conversation she had handed me her business card and I doubted I could afford such a well organized, experienced person. I went home and thought about it. The more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't afford NOT to hire Nancy.

Nancy knows the ins and the outs of the local vendors, the latest trends and traditions. She was the voice of reason and took care of arranging all my vendors. She found the best florist, Central Park Florist and an amazing caterer, Catering by Joesph. I would have never found out about either of those vendors and I was completely wowed by both of them. It was like hiring a best friend for a few months! If you are wondering whether or not you have it in your budget to hire a wedding planner I can assure you that Nancy will pay for her self. Having Nancy as my wedding day manager was the biggest load off my shoulders. When I think of how my day might have gone if Nancy was not there -I get scared. She took care of everything! Brides, don't forget this is your dream day and can you really put a price tag on low stress? I know I couldn't. Thank you so much for everything Nancy! I don't even want to think about what my day would have been like if I didn't hire you!"


~Ali W.

"We could not have been happier or more pleased with our wedding day. It was as perfect of a day as all the fairy tales say it should be, mostly because of our fabulous wedding planner Nancy from Save the Date. We had some broad ideas of how we pictured that day to be, and she really helped us tone in on all the details. She really listened to our wants, helped us work within our budget and went above and beyond to help personalize our wedding. Her attention to detail was phenomenal. We never knew how much work went into planning a wedding, but Nancy eased us into the process and guided us through what could have been very stressful decisions. Nancy was very professional, very attentive and very successful in helping us have the best day of our lives. We are forever grateful for Nancy's talent in event planning, she truly helped us have our fairytale wedding."


~Jon & Victoria M.

"My daughter's outdoor bridal shower at a winery would not have been so wonderful if not for Nancy Harvey. Having Nancy help with the celebration was a great decision on my part. She was very helpful and knowledgeable when the time came to choose invitations, favors, flowers, linens, food, drink, tables, chairs, decorations and all other aspects to convey the theme and feeling of the day. She worked very well with me, the winery, our guests and everyone else she came in contact with for our event."


~Christine B.

"Nancy was amazing to work with. She came prepared for anything. Her attention to detail, her enthusiasm, and her knowledge allowed me to relax and truly enjoy my entire wedding day. Nancy's experience and her understanding of the complexities of a large wedding made my wedding day run smoothly. She was extremely organized and resourceful. My bridal party is still raving about her. I would unequivocally recommend Nancy to any bride who is looking for an experienced event planner who will ensure every detail of your day is perfect! Thank you for everything, Nancy!"


~Casey G.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did the day of the wedding. Everyone keeps saying what a great day it was and how smoothly it ran. Hope you had as nice of a time as you could have (considering you were working). I'll be sure to pass your name along if I know anyone else looking for a wedding coordinator."


~Wendy M.

"In August, 2013, the man of my dreams asked me to marry him.  Both of us had already been marriedbut we still wanted to have a special day for us to share with our friends and family.  After much consideration on where to have the wedding we decided what better place to have it than at our home.  That would involve a lot more details and a lot more planning and that is where Nancy came in.  I found her online, a result of searching for an experienced event planner close to where we lived.  Our first meeting was in early January.  We both came prepared with questions and by the end of our meeting we both knew we would be working together and she would be the one to best deliver the type of event I was looking for.


We had nine months to bring the vision to life.  There was so much work to do, from some serious landscaping to finding a caterer to picking out dishes.  I can't begin to list everything but what I can say is that she had great contacts for everything, including the landscaper.  Even when something didn't go quite as planned she was able to assess the situation and decide the next best approach.  As the months went by the planning continued Nancy kept me on point with everything.  She was only a call/text away and I knew if I gave her something to take care of it would just get done.


She was also there for the big day and coordinated all the activity at the house.  Despite some rain in the morning and early afternoon, which was the one thing she couldn't control, it turned out to be a beautiful September afternoon with sunshine just as we completed our vows.  Our guests had a wonderful time at the reception, thanks to the great planning and awesome vendor recommendations.  Some of the guests even commented it was the best wedding they'had ever been to.  I can't agree more."


~Deb T.

"Nancy recognizes the personality of her clients and incorporates her creativity into events offering a unique and personal touch. Nancy used my theme idea for my event and added flair and elegance. She used her years of experience and network of industry professionals to ensure every detail of my reception was included. Even the most minor detail was not overlooked. Communicating each option and decision and working within my budget, Nancy made what could have been a stressful time of planning into an enjoyable experience and made my special day a most memorable occasion."


~ Nancy I.

"When I decided to marry Mike, the one thing I knew for sure was that Nancy was going to be my coordinator. The thing I loved about Nancy was there was no amount of miles or time she would not spare to help me. She helped me create ideas I did not even think I could imagine. She let me do as little or as much as I wanted, which was nice. When I was ready to enjoy my day (the week before), she took the reigns and handled all the questions and problems that arose. She focused on what was important and helped me cut costs where it was not. When the day came, afterwards I had people write me letters that it was the most intimate wedding they have ever attended. I would never have been able to do it without Nancy’s expertise!"


~Darlene S.

"Nancy Harvey was our wedding planner/coordinator in September, 2005. Her expertise in wedding and event planning made our day most special and memorable. Nancy’s creativity allowed us to have the elegant wedding we had envisioned within the budget we set. She really listens to what it is you want. She has a vast knowledge of various flowers and a collection of ideas that can turn any ordinary wedding into extraordinary. She made certain that everything ran smoothly on our wedding day. She took care of any problems or issues that arose without having to bring it to our attention, which we greatly appreciated. It allowed us to enjoy our day and focus on having a fabulous time. We have also had to opportunity to attend a few other events that Nancy had assisted in planning and each and everyone had many fabulous details that most others would not even think of, from décor to centerpieces to favors. They were wonderful touches that set her events apart from others and make them ones to remember."

~ Frank & Elizabeth A.

"Nancy was invaluable with her excellent coordination, organization, and knowledge about what needed to be done at what time. She was able to get everything and everyone in their places and ready to go, resulting in a beautiful and stress-free wedding!"

~ Andrea S.



"Nancy was just the best! She made our wedding day very special! She made it possible for me that the only thing I had to focus on was creating a new memory with my husband! She takes away all of the possible worries! The day was fun and full of memories!"

~ Diane Z.